You know it's you, but you're younger. The environment is different, and you can see thousands of divine and demonic beings. They're all crowding around you, screaming at you and all there is is darkness as the chaos rises. 



This is the main page for basic building of yourself and understanding how the world works.


5 ranks of main social skills: The learns is through successful books (books are only 100% learned after reading it a certain amount of times depending on the book), going to school (knowing answer to specific questions), social links (15+ rolls), and jobs (15+rolls). 
0 takes 5 learns to put to 1
1 rank takes 10 learns to put to 2
2 ranks takes 15 learns to put it to 3
3 ranks takes 20 learns to put it to 4
4 ranks takes 50 learns to put it to 5

Player may choose which persona game they may partial emulate and gain a plus to their ability score+ automatic training to the skill knowledge as a class skill
Also gives you a certain 'social' stat boost.
If you choose to emulate a certain persona game there will be hidden story elements that will affect you.

If a player does not wish to emulate a persona game, they may choose any knowledge stat to be a class skill and a +2 Ability Score. If you choose to not emulate a persona game, there will be hidden story element that will benefit you. You also have a more successful percentage in raising your social skills (instead of being a 15 roll it is a 10 roll to succeed and you can read books faster than normal). 

Persona 1: +5 Dungeoneering +2 Str
Knowledge (1) (Adds bonus to INT skills)

Persona 2: +5 Disguise +2 Con
Courage (1) (Adds bonus to STR skills)

Persona 3: +5 Intimidate +2 Chr
Expression (1) (Adds bonus to CHR skills)

Persona 4: +5 Knowledge Planes/or Religion +2 Int
Understanding (1) (Adds bonus to WIS skills)

Persona 5: +5 Stealth +2 Dex
Diligence (1) (Adds bonus to DEX skills)

Personas have an arcana, it's best to choose one from your arcana. 

If you choose one that isn't your arcana, it is 1/2 effective (including the higher arcana personas
Ex: Satan will only have -1 to your stats, and minus 3 to elements until 6th level but you still do
not gain Megidolon until 10th)

Fool is the only tarot where this is not true. 

Fool can switch to any persona regardless of their arcana at the sacrifice of character's stats starting out as base as possible.

Fool can also earn new Personas during the adventure, but only starts out with the one they choose.

Personas will start with an element dependent on which Persona you choose.

Example: Pixie starts with Lightning spells gaining a resistance to lightning but being affected
by wind skills. 

Some Personas can evolve and change into a different arcana, but this will not affect their stats if
started from the beginning and will not be affected by your personal arcana. 

If you choose a super strong Persona from the beginning they are weaker than other Personas and take a long time to evolve in comparison.
Example: Angel evolves into several forms, gaining strength and different attributes each evolution.
Angel:  plus 2 Wis, plus 5 Wind 'Sonic' Resistance -5 Lightning resistance evolves to
Archangel: plus 2 STR, (stacking) plus 5 Ice Resistance, -5 Fire resistance continues to evolve
Satan does not evolve until your heart changes and starts off -element and -stats.
Satan: -2 to all stats (will not raise to -1 until fifth level and does not disappear until 10th). 
-5 to all elements (goes down every two levels so 2 -4, 4 -3, 6 -2, 8 -1. 10 No elemental weakness)
Does not gain a magic until elemental weakness is finished, but gains megidolon, which is force+radiant  

When summoning an Persona it takes a whole standard and they disappear at the end of the turn, they should mainly be used for either spell weakness, buffs, debuffs, or etc. The Persona you pick will affect your physical stats so choose who you would fit your personally.
Do not pick a persona that does not suit you as a person, if you pick a persona that does not, I will throw a negative into your stats for certain rolls. 
You are able to choose your tarot. I have put suggested Meggs next to a perspective tarot, but you are still allowed to choose which you would like. You are only able to choose once, and you will not be able to change it. There is a possibility it could change in game, but it is small. 

Fool: Able to choose any Eidolon + switch but self starts with lowest social and physical stats.
Magician: +1 Expression +1 CHR (INFJ, INFP, ENTJ)
High Priestess: +1 Understanding +1 WIS (ISFJ, ISFP, ENFJ)  
Empress: +1 Expression +1 CHR (INTJ, ENFP, ENTP)
Emperor: +1 Courage +1 STR (ISTJ, ENTP, ENTJ)
Hierophant: +1 Knowledge +1 INT (ISFP, ESFP, ENFJ)
Lovers: +1 Diligence +1 DEX (ISFJ, ESFP)
Chariot: +1 Courage +1 STR (ISFP, ESTP, ESTJ, ESFJ)
Strength: +1 Diligence +1 DEX (ISFJ, INFP, ESTJ)
Hermit: +1 Knowledge +1 INT (INFJ, INTP)
Wheel of Fortune: +1 Understanding +1 WIS (ISTP, ESTP, ESTJ, ESFJ
Justice: +1 Understanding +1 WIS (ISTJ, ENFP, ENTJ)
Hanged Man: +1 Courage +1 STR (ISTP, ISFP)  
Death: +1 Expression +1 CHR (INTJ, INTP, ENFJ)
Temperance: +1 Knowledge +1 INT (ISTJ, ESTP)
Devil: +1 Diligence +1 DEX (ISTP, INFP, INTP, ENTP)
Tower: +1 Expression +1 CHR (INFJ, INTP, ENTP)
Star: +1 Knowledge +1 INT (INTJ, INFP, ESTJ, ENFJ)  
Moon: +1 Courage +1 STR (INFJ, ENFP)
Sun: +1 Expression +1 CHR (ISFJ, ESTP, ESFP, ESFJ
Judgement: +1 Diligence +1 DEX (ISTJ, ENFP, ENTJ)
World: +1 Understanding +1 WIS (INTJ, ISTP, INFP, ESFP, ESFJ)
'Aeon': ????????

Personas have a cap of 10 skills.

Persona Pathfinder